KION Consultants has become a leading engineering consultancy firm over 20 years in Hotels, Luxury Villas, Commercial Centers, Educational Building, Hospitals and other complex projects providing a trusted energy, environmental and socioeconomic development consultancy.
Our vision is to offer the best possible range of construction products. We are determined to continue being a leader in our sector and keep growing each year, while maintaining our philosophy and quality of services.


Our Mission is the customer’s satisfaction by ensuring that the international standards and regulations are met. Through our long experience in a wide spectrum of projects and services, we provide high level services while minimizing errors. By the use of modern technology, latest electronic equipment, software and inner structure, we deliver an advanced level of services, whilst respecting the delivery timelines.

Some of our basic values include reliability, confidence, discretion, responsibility, team spirit and professionalism. In Kion Consultants we believe that these values are key in order to succeed.


KION consultants provides high quality and tailor-made solutions from preliminary evaluation & design up to facility management services in order to meet the customers’ needs. Our business expertise is based on quality, functionality, economy, ease of maintenance, operational reliability and aesthetics.

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