The new 205 km motorway crossing the Peloponnese

The new 205 km motorway crossing the Peloponnese, that includes 5 tunnels of a total 4.9km, 24 interchanges, 4 service stations (M.S.S.) and motorway buildings (police station, fire-station e.t.c)

Status / Completed


  • Design of EM installations for open motorway, tunnels, interchanges & motorway buildings
  • Structural design of waste water treatment, pump stations & sign bridges
  • Ventilation system, Lighting, Fire Protection system, Power Supply system, Fire detection, Telecommunication, CCTV, VMS, LCS, SCADA, Induction loop system
  • Lighting (Interchanges, Road lighting, Toll Station, Parking areas, Cross & down passages, etc), Power Supply System
  • Toll Buildings, Car Service Centers (fuel station, restaurants, ancillary buildings, surroundings), Police Station, Fire Department buildings, Irrigation Pump Stations